(THE BEST) Vintage Looking Rugs Round-Up // Peggy’s Picks of the Week

Vintage rugs are amazing, but super pricey. I love that these rugs are an affordable alternative, with so much style.

The company (Loloi Rugs) photographed genuine vintage Persian rugs and then printed them with technology / results I have not seen in any other vintage looking rugs out there.  The pile is very short so the vintage feel is there too, while also being soft (somehow!).  Warning — you will see these rugs overused in my mood boards, they are my ‘go-to’! 😉

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Affordable Vintage Looking Rug Round-Up by Peggy Haddad Interiors

1. LOLOI LAYLA (TAUPE/STONE), or purchase directly from PHI Home here!

2. LOLOI LAYLA (BLUE/TANGERINE), or purchase directly from PHI Home here!

3. LOLOI LAYLA (OCEAN/RUST), or purchase directly from PHI Home here!

4. LOLOI LOREN (SAND/TAUPE), or purchase directly from PHI Home here!

5. LOLOI LOREN (SILVER/SLATE), or purchase directly from PHI Home here!

6. LOLOI LOREN (BRICK/MIDNIGHT), or purchase directly from PHI Home here!

We have several other rugs (that have this same construction) from Loloi available at our shop here! Let us know if you have any questions on any of the rugs listed at PHI Home, or if you would like a different size or color added. We happily price match if you find a lower price elsewhere!

Ignore the Amazon reviews! Some people are surprised by the low pile and that they are printed. Trust me, the pile, look, and feel is the closest to old-world Persian rugs on the market!

I have used all six of these rugs for client projects and seen how wonderful each one is in person! I cannot recommend them enough. 

Rugs are a great place to start when designing a room. A few tips: Mix up your pattern sizes and include some pieces that are more plain when you consider all your upholstered items; rug, curtains, pillows, sofa, etc. Make sure you order a big enough size so all your furniture has at least two legs on the rug. Don’t forget to mix warm and cool tones!

Need a good rug pad? This one is my go-to!

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