Kader Boly Art Reproductions // Available through PHI

Discover the captivating world of Kader Boly art reproductions, where African-inspired brilliance meets artistic expression. Explore the stunning ‘Migration’ and other fine pieces, artist-enhanced and signed by Kader himself. Professionally framed in sleek black borders, these prints are a must-have for art enthusiasts and interior décor lovers alike. Embrace the beauty of nature and the Fulani Tribe’s heritage through Kader Boly’s evocative creations.

To order or explore the full catalog of prints, send us a Direct Message on social media or email us at info@peggyhaddadinteriors.com! Get ready to elevate your space with these unique art reproductions!

Keep scrolling to discover our handpicked selection of reproductions, now available at Peggy Haddad Interiors! One absolute must-see is ‘Satisfying Season’—prepare to be amazed.

Sizes and Pricing for Migration and most prints

73″x49″ $2,000 + shipping & processing fees
61″x41″ $1,675 + shipping & processing fees
54”x40” $1,175 + shipping & processing fees
48”x36” $1,075 + shipping & processing fees

Kader Boly Art Reproductions, including Migration, Available through Peggy Haddad Interiors

Migration, available with multiple backgrounds.

Please note the brush strokes on Migration are a touch thicker than reproductions previously sold at retailers.

Images below are taken in different lighting. Color may vary depending on the light in your home, as well as variations between computer screens.


Kader Boly Art Reproductions, including Migration, Available through Peggy Haddad Interiors


Kader Boly Art Reproductions, including Migration, Available through Peggy Haddad Interiors

Additional Kader Boly Reproduced Prints


Afterword by Kader Boly


Against Jealousy by Kader Boly


Feet on Earth, Head in the Clouds  by Kader Boly


Gathering of His Belongings by Kader Boly


Homme and Femme  by Kader Boly


Human Relations by Kader Boly


Inch of Grass after Brush Fire by Kader Boly


Libre by Kader Boly


Regards by Kader Boly


Satisfying Season by Kader Boly


Self Believe by Kader Boly


Soliel Egyptien by Kader Boly


Bain De Lait by Kader Boly

At twenty years old, Kader Boly embarked on a life-changing journey, leaving behind the familiar plains of West Africa after purchasing his first plane ticket to France. Raised as a nomadic herder from the Fulani Tribe in Sabce, Burkina Faso, Kader and his family led their animals to greener pastures, and he was one of the few children in his village who had the opportunity to attend school. However, during the daily two-mile hikes to and from school, he began questioning the herder way of life. Despite cherishing the deep connection to animals and the beauty of nature, Kader yearned for change. He felt an undeniable urge to share his experiences with the world, leading him to express his feelings through art from a young age.

Whether you seek to create a captivating focal point or a subtle yet thought-provoking ambiance, Kader Boly Reproductions offer an ideal solution for elevating your living or working space. These art pieces resonate with artistic enthusiasts and interior decorators alike, as they effortlessly infuse sophistication and creativity into any setting.

Kader Boly’s artistic brilliance knows no bounds, as his creations are infused with depth, emotion, and a profound connection to the human experience. Each reproduction meticulously captures the essence of his original masterpiece and is enriched with the artist’s personal touch.

Ordering is a breeze and prints are shipped directly from Kader in Africa! Simply reach out to us via Direct Message on our social media channels, or if you prefer, drop us an email at info@peggyhaddadinteriors.com. We would be thrilled to guide you through the process.

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