Blue and White Decor // Peggy’s Picks of the Week

Inspired by our recently completed project, Project Grandmillennial, we’ve curated a collection of blue and white decor items just for you.

In this blog post, we’ve rounded up blue and white décor that can transform any room. From plush pillows to classic art, the fusion of serene blues and crisp whites creates a harmonious balance that’s both soothing and captivating. Incorporating blue and white into a space can evoke many different feelings (depending on your own spin and style!). Implementing this scheme remains one of our personal favorite for many reasons, including:

Blue and White Traditional Grandmillennial Living Room

[Serenity and Calmness] Blue is often associated with tranquility and calmness. When paired with white, it creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere in a room. This combination is frequently used in bedrooms and bathrooms to promote relaxation and a sense of escape from the outside world.

[Timeless Elegance] Blue and white are classic and timeless colors that have been used in interior design for centuries. They exude a sense of refinement and sophistication, making them popular choices for traditional and classical design styles.

[Nautical and Coastal Vibes] Blue and white are synonymous with the sea and coastal living. This combination can instantly evoke a sense of being by the beach or on a yacht. Nautical decor often incorporates these colors along with elements like stripes, seashells, and maritime motifs.

[Variations of Mood] The specific shades of blue chosen can have different effects. Light blues may feel more airy and open, while deep blues can add drama and coziness. The choice of blue shades can influence the mood of the room.

Scroll down to find our personal favorite blue and white décor items that can be incorporated into virtually any design style and to shop each pick! Also, at the end of the post, shop the Project Grandmillennial Formal Living Room (and all the blue and white décor featured in the space!)

Peggy's Picks of the Week Blue & White Decor

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Blue and White Décor Picks

Frankie Floral Pillow

This charming pillow showcases a large-scale floral print, artfully designed in Brook & Lou signature colors. It effortlessly combines sophistication and charm, making it a versatile choice for any room in your home.

B&W Chain Orchid Pot

We love this pot for it’s ceramic craftsmanship, its short and round design exuding timeless charm. The delicate chain orchid motifs in crisp blue stand out against a pristine white backdrop, creating an intricate pattern that’s both elegant and eye-catching.

B&W Chain Orchid Pot

Birds in Blue Framed Paper Print

What sets this giclée reproduction apart is the meticulous hand-applied gold accent that bestows a touch of opulence and visual intrigue. The print is thoughtfully presented, floating gracefully on a linen textured mat that enhances its organic charm.

Birds in Blue Framed Paper Print Pottery Barn Antique Etchings Hand-Applied Gold Accents

Hollis Ditsy Stripe Drapery Panel

Crafted from fresh white cotton, this exquisite drapery panel is adorned with delicate vertical petal stripes of color, adding a touch of graceful charm to any room. Whether you choose to hang it from a 3″ rod pocket or utilize the included drapery pins, the Hollis panel effortlessly combines practicality and style.

Emilee Ice Bucket

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the delicate patterns and intricate motifs evoke the rich heritage of blue and white porcelain craftsmanship. Whether you’re hosting a lavish dinner party or an intimate gathering, this ice bucket keeps your beverages chilled while serving as a captivating centerpiece.

More Blue and White Faves

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Blue and White Traditional Grandmillennial Living Room

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Shop the Project Grandmillennial Formal Living Room (and all the blue and white items featured in the space!)

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