Patterned Area Rugs // Peggy’s Picks of the Week

This week, we’re rolling out the red carpet, well, patterned rugs actually, to elevate your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen.

Patterned rugs are more than just floor coverings; they’re the secret sauce that ties the room together! They bring personality, warmth, and that “je ne sais quoi” to your space. From bedrooms to bathrooms, living rooms to kitchens, these rugs are ready to make a statement.

Although your design style may lean towards Bohemian, Contemporary, Traditional, or Transitional (or anywhere in between!), patterned rugs can appeal to a diverse range of styles. They ground a room, add an expressive touch, soften harsh echoes, and provide a visual anchor for furniture arrangements. These rugs don’t merely adorn floors; they elevate entire spaces!

Ready to add some flair to your floors?

Today we’ll be sharing our top rug selections for any room and any style. Scroll down to see all of our rug choices, including those featured in Project Cali Contemporary and Project CO Boho! To shop all of the rugs available at PHI Home, click here.

Peggy's Picks of the Week Patterned Rugs

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Moroccan Fringe Cream / Charcoal Rug

This Moroccan Fringe Cream / Charcoal Rug is the very rug from the Project CO Boho living room! Its plush surface, diamond motifs, and playful fringe work transforms any room into a sanctuary, making it one of our all-time boho favorites.

Auburn / Multicolor Vintage Inspired Rug

This Auburn / Multicolor Rug exudes a sense of heritage that can seamlessly integrate into both traditional and contemporary interiors. Place it in a room adorned with classic furnishings, or let it take center stage in a modern setting, introducing an unexpected layer of sophistication.

This rug isn’t just about aesthetics, though—it’s designed for the demands of modern living. Since it is crafted from high-quality polyester, it offers both a soft feel and the durability needed to withstand the rigors of everyday life. Easy to clean and maintain, it ensures that your investment in elegance stands the test of time.

See more photos of this rug in the Project Cali Contemporary Living Room.

Tomato / Teal Rug

This Tomato / Teal Rug is the embodiment of versatile elegance. Whether being a testament of traditional interiors or juxtaposing against contemporary elements, this rug is always a showstopper.

Blue Trellis Motif Rug

Don’t underestimate this Blue Trellis Motif Rug‘s ability to elevate your space and add a global touch! It showcases a beautifully saturated trellis motif with a detailed border and moody colorway of deep blue and light tan tones. This low-profile rug is made of soft polyester and features vibrant and artistically distressed digitally printed design. 

Grey / Charcoal Moroccan high-low Rug

This Grey / Charcoal Moroccan high-low Rug is a masterpiece that marries classic Moroccan motifs with a contemporary color palette. Expertly power-loomed, its durability makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas like bustling living rooms, cozy bedrooms, and bustling offices.

Experience elegance with this charcoal colored rug, blending Moroccan motifs and a modern palette. Durable premium polyester, perfect for high-traffic areas.

We used this rug in Project Cortez, coming soon to the blog!

Ocean / Gold Polyester Rug – Jean Stoffer x LOLOI

Each fiber of this Ocean / Gold Polyester Rug is masterfully woven to give the rug’s pile an organic dimension, revealing a subtle ribbed texture. The result is a rug that effortlessly blurs the boundary between the precision of machine craftsmanship and the touch of handmade artistry.

Meticulously power-loomed blue and gold rug with organic dimension, ribbed texture, blending machine craftsmanship with handmade artistry.

We used this rug in a recent e-design project, coming soon to the blog!

Colorblock Tobacco / Lagoon Wool Rug

This Colorblock Tobacco / Lagoon Wool Rug color palette pays homage to the mid-century design ethos while its construction breathes new life into the concept. It is woven from 100% wool, known for its durability, warmth, and luxurious texture.

We used this rug in Project Rustic Contemporary Ranch, coming soon to the blog!

Blush + Multi Vintage Inspired Rug

Originating from the weaving traditions of Turkey, this Blush + Multi Vintage Inspired Rug encapsulates the essence of Updated Traditional style—a bridge between timeless grace and contemporary sophistication. Its versatile demeanor effortlessly merges with existing décor while adding a touch of historical grandeur.

Eclectic Traditional Dining Room

We used this rug in Project Eclectic Traditional, coming soon to the blog!

Ocean / Gold Motif Rug – Jean Stoffer x LOLOI

Whether your space embraces the echoes of tradition or thrives on the energy of the contemporary, this Ocean / Gold Motif Rug is a versatile companion that adapts and enhances with grace. It’s a statement piece that effortlessly ties together eclectic elements, lending an air of refinement and coherence to any room.

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